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Sunday, November 21, 2010

God's Gentle Nudge

This is my first post in this blog I have created. I am not all together sure what I am doing, but I have inner thoughts and feelings that need to be expressed. I hope you find it helpful, enlightening, or it may just give you something to think about. So here goes...

I have been on a journey of learning to walk in spirit with God. It seems I have been on this journey all my life, although unaware of it. God would give me a gentle nudge one way or the other. Sometimes I responded to this gentle guidance and other times I chose to go it alone in my own self guided direction. This would undoubtedly lead to struggle, or at least lengthen the learning process of his lesson for me.

When I was younger I was not tuned in to this being God, or hopefully I would have given more attention to this unsolicited help. This isn't to say that I would have followed HIS WILL with all my heart. There is this ego and pride thing that tries to intercept this holy nudge. I have come to refer to my ego and pride as the enemy and my conscience as God's gentle nudge.

When I say unsolicited, it means that I have not asked, prayed or solicited God's help in any way. This is why God is so wonderful! He wants to help and guide us even though we have not requested his assistance. Now, just imagine if we actively seek his assistance through prayer and daily conversation (Yes! Talk to God daily). The nudge will then turn into a treasure map of spiritual growth and the more we follow this guidance, the more treasures we will discover.

So, pay attention to God's gentle nudge, and as long as you don't push back, your life will come ALIVE!

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