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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Acoustics of God's Echo

While you were doing these wicked things, says the Lord, I spoke to you about it repeatedly, but you would not listen. I called out to you, but you refused to answer. (Jer. 7:13) 

In church this past weekend, our Pastor referenced this scripture in his sermon. When he did, I had flashes of things I had done and temptations I surrendered to. In these times, I allowed God’s voice to fall on deaf ears, yet His echo would resonate within me.

Some of these things or temptations involved: judging others based on first impressions; spending money on things when I shouldn’t; or making excuses not to do something, when it was in my full power to do so. These behaviors, along with others enveloped me in the past, and continue to sneak up on me from time to time in the present. 

This is where God’s echo comes in. I knew the error of my wicked ways in these times, because God would tell me. When I chose not to hear him, His echoes persisted and got through my insulated exterior. They continue to bounce around waiting to be heard. Thanks to God’s acoustics, some of these echoes are now being heard, and without any distortion.

I pray that I will hear all of God’s echoes from behaviors past before they fade away. 

May God bless you and give you Grace!

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  1. Lies fade and hate gets washed clean by the healing waters of the Word. The Truth echoes in our heads waiting for us to listen. The rhythm of honesty has no expiration. All things in this world built to God live eternally, like The Father and his flesh the Christ Jesus live from seed planted in our souls by those who spoke Love and Truth to us. Farmers, plant your seed. Bring it water and your attention and dedication. When you are weak and doubtful, the Lord will shower eternal springs from Heaven. Remember, we are all in this together. but if you do not listen for him you will not hear and you will be left hungry.